Healthy Promise

 Through tragic circumstances and unexpected life instances, my family and I have turned our lives away from processed, non-organic, chemical filled substances to a holistic lifestyle. These changes have made a major impact on our life and our mission is to spread awareness of how you can utilize Earth's natural resources to improve your quality of life. 

Why Choose Us?

Healthy Promise provides safe and healthy products that are made with all natural ingredients.  We want to share all of Earth's many blessings. Our Elderberry Super Syrup provides substantial health benefits.  The taste is one that the whole family will love.

So my son who gags on honey or store bought elderberry liquid willingly took your syrup and liked it! I'm shocked he said it tasted like gingerbread. 


Great service, fast shipping, and tastes great.


Danielle answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable. She made changes to the syrup to fit my families need.  We will be happy to tell everyone.


About Us


Healthy Promise

To me Healthy Promise is a lifestyle change that I encourage everyone to make.  Helping others is my passion. My family and I all use the Elderberry Super Syrup. Share this great tasting natural remedy with friends and family because its healthy and tastes phenomenal. Even the children enjoy the flavor.